Will Dance For Food: 07/27/02

I realized a few weeks ago that I have not been getting out dancing enough lately...my 32" waist jeans have been just a little tighter than I care for. So, my buddy Amy Jane (AKA "Amy 2") and I have been trying to get out to go dancing on a night other than the usual Thursday night at the Fed. One of the founders of the Austin Swing Scene, Matt Jones of Four On The Floor, sent out an email saying that he was starting a new Monday night venue at the Carousel Lounge. Amy and I decided to go try it out.

Matt was spinning some great tunes, but unfortunately, very few people from the Austin scene showed up. Amy and I danced a couple of dances then decided to go to Amy's Ice Cream, a great little Austin institution. The employeeswere screwing around and having a great time (this — and really good ice cream — is why we like Amy's) and Amy Jane and I started joking, "hey, we'll dance for ice cream."

They went for it.

We danced to Squirrel Nut Zippers and they gave us free ice cream.


I'm thinking my next Danceslut shirt is going to be "Will Dance For Food."

We're also going to have to encourage more dancers to come out to the Carousel Lounge.

Of course, this doesn't help with the weight problem...