Gang Saved...And In Public!

I'm at the Fed (the local dance hall) and see this very cute woman...possibly student, but maybe not. Frizzy hair, glasses...she had the whole "geeky cute" thing going for her big time. Her name is "Aurora," and it's her first time dancing, so I dance with her and she's pretty good. She tells me that I need to dance with these two other girls (you want me to dance with more cute women? Oh, DARN! ...and please don't throw me into that there briar patch...)

It turns out that the two are her sisters and I dance with them. I dance with her again later and she asks about my scar. I tell her and she's real interested because she has hypothyroidism (she does the whole drug cocktail thing... you would never know). She also seems pretty smart...hmmmm.

I dance with one of her sisters and work out that Aurora is the oldest of the three and the youngest is 21, so, WORST case scenario, she's 23, but more likely 25... notcompletely robbing the cradle. I give her my card and mention getting together to work on dancing or talk about thyroid stuff (I never thought I'd be able to use "let me tell you about my thyroid surgery" as a pick-up line). I walk her and her sisters out to their cars.

Then there's THAT question. "So, what church do you go to?"

Oh, God.

o/~Dear, God, sorry to disturb you, but...o/~ (XTC/Sarah McLachlan)

"I don't go to church, I'm a devout agnostic."

They tried to gang-save me.

I have GOT to take "" live and start printing out the t-shirts.