Oh, My! - 09/14/01

As if that wasn't bad enough, I received another email that I thought at first was porn-spam ("Just turned 18 — Barely legal sluts, yadda, yadda, yadda"...like I can't find porn online on my own?) and was surprised that it had bypassed my filters. Then I noticed that there was no (broken) link to a site on it. Suddenly I realized that this was real.

Oh, my!

As I said earlier, a single letter can make all the difference. Ztec.com is not zEtec.com.

Subject: Home alone...what to do???? hehehe
Date: Mon, 10 Sept 2001 22:00:16 EDT
From: P**@aol.com
To: T**@ztec.com

P**@aol.com wrote:

Hey there my big stud....

I hope that your dreams treated you well last night baby! I know mine probably did. I was sittin here, at home, all alone. I was also thinking about you. I am about to go get my new toy you bought me. I am hoping that if your dreams did not treat you well, this will get you going for the mornin...

OK, I am back now. I have my toy...I got it all lubed and ready for me...I have it on super slow, I am rubbing it all over my peach. Its so slick it slides around all soft and easy. I am pressing it against my clit and rubbing...I am thinking about how good it felt when we were at the cabin and I was sucking your dick while you played with me. Oh Yah....

OK...so I stopped typing for a few minutes...I will tell you what I did. I laid down on the bed, on my back and rubbed it all over my lips and clit. Still on real soft...I slowly slipped just the tip in and out...just teasing myself. I thought about the time when I was riding you and you were holding onto it so you couldn't get all the way in. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm...I like!!! So I rubbed all around with the other hand while I did that...then I slid the whole thing in...then out...Using the nobs to my advantage while still rubbing with the other hand...

I could feel the first one building, so I picked up the pace and started to rock my hips with my hands on all the right buttons...eyes closed picturing you tasting my peach while you have my ass in your hands and on finger all tucked up inside me...just teasing me for the naner that follows. I was getting super hot and then it was there...it started at my peach and then radiated through my body, sending shivers down my back. Oh Yah...it was a good one...So I slowly stopped moving around...caught my breath and here I am telling you all about it.

Well, I hope that your morning is better now. I can't wait to get in to talk to you!!! I will be in around 7 sometime. Later Tater

Lil Peach

I was very tempted to email "Lil Peach" and ask if she had any cute, single friends down here in Austin.